Specialising in cool growing orchids, Orchidup is located in the coolest, wettest part of Western Australia, near the town of Walpole. 

They grow and sell an extensive array of orchid types including the popular cymbidiums and cattleyas, as well as the newest breeding in the Australian native dendrobiums and sarcochilus.  Given our location, we can also grow some of the more spectacular and difficult to find species including masdevallias, zygopetalums, miltoniopsis and a large selection of oncidium alliance plants.  We are also growers of the highly sought after “air plants” Tillandsias.



Our 6 pack offer (refer photos) in a range of orchid varieties to suit all enthusiasts.
Everyone wants a six pack.  We have great beginners pack of mixed orchids, as well as selected collections perfect for all enthusiasts and Mother’s Day.  Check them out on our website today.  Prices start at $50 for the Beginners Six Pack.


Price List:

Access to price list is through our website www.orchidup.com.au  or email us at jacksplace@westnet.com.au

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