Simply put Perth Garden & Outdoor Living Festival could not happen if it weren't for all of our superb sponsors and partners.


Some of our excellent partners have given us special offers or statements to share with you below.




Kleenheat’s a WA born and bred company delivering blooming good value to local households. We’re also proud supporters of community events you’ve grown to love, including the Perth Garden & Outdoor Living Festival.

Exclusive Stratco Offer

Exclusive Stratco Offer for the Perth Garden and Outdoor Living Festival. You are eligible to receive a Stratco $500 in store gift card for any Stratco Outback Patio or Pavilion purchased from the 1st May to the 31st May 2020. See terms and conditions.


An outdoor room should be inviting. An uplifting sanctuary.
With shrinking block sizes the trend for outdoor rooms is a modern solution for modern homes.
JamesHardie is an advocate of open plan and indoor outdoor living. They have a range of beautiful cladding products and decking which facilitate wide openings and seamless connection with the outdoors.

4 ways to make your outdoor room amazing, and even a little Zen.
Start with the look
Understand the look of your home by building a mood board from magazines or Pinterest.
Create continuity
Continuity across your interior and exterior, blur the lines between the two spaces, making the transition less jarring.
Less is more
Declutter. A minimalist aesthetic can be calming and Zen-like.
Know your zones
As with the interior, you need to create zones. Make a feature. Or have a cozy space for a fire pit.


With the extra time at home there is no better time to get into your garden and reap the full positive mental benefits associated with gardening.
Keep calm and carry on... gardening with Richgro’s great range of products suited to grow any garden.

CLICK HERE for Charlie Albone’s tips about keeping your mind and body active in the garden by growing your best veggies.

Beyond Bank

Good for you, good for the environment.
As a customer-owned bank, Beyond Bank Australia is helping customers and local communities to become more sustainable, whether that’s improving your home’s energy rating, water efficiency or choosing a greener vehicle.

By choosing greener options you can make a real difference to the environment and save money on electricity, water or fuel.
Beyond Bank provides a 0.25% p.a. interest rate discount on Low Rate Loan* and No Fee Loan* products to fund loans that are for an approved environmental purpose.
If you are choosing greener options for your home renovation contact Beyond Bank, call 13 25 85, drop into a branch or visit

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Baileys Fertiliser

Lush green lawns and great gardens are easy to achieve with WA’s premium gardening brand, Baileys. Developed for our unique climate and soil conditions, Baileys product range has been perfected over many years of local horticultural experience and includes premium potting mixes, soil improvers, fertilisers and wetting agents.

Access their expertise and seasonal tips to keep your garden at its blooming best, learn about new products, shop their range or go in the draw to Win 1 of 5 Autumn Garden Gift Packs - delivered to your doorstep! Simply follow the links below.




Whether you own your home or you are renting, we offer uncomplicated supply of LPG and natural gas. For 60 years, Kleenheat has been supplying gas to thousands of homes and businesses across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. So whether you’re connected to the pipes or a cylinder, we’ve got you covered.