Verigrow – A new liquid fertiliser and soil improver made from WA wool

Verigrow is a new fertiliser and soil improver produced by WA-based company Veratin. The company uses waste wool from local WA sheep farms to produce a high-end, all-purpose product that is rich in amino acids and significantly improves the organic content of the soil.

Verigrow is made by extracting the protein — keratin — from wool, which is itself made up of amino acids. These amino acids help plants combat stress, increase root mass, activate natural defence mechanisms, and enhance photosynthesis by increasing the chlorophyll concentration. They also promote nutrient absorption and stimulate the essential metabolic activities in the plant.

Verigrow is a practical and versatile product which can be effectively applied to all types of lawn, garden beds and pot plants. There is no need to add any additional soil improvers. Being a liquid fertiliser, Verigrow has also been successfully used in aquaponics, and is safe for use on herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Verigrow contains an organic and an inorganic nitrogen source where the inorganic nitrogen provides an immediate source of nitrogen, while the organic nitrogen provides a slow release and longer lasting effect.

Company founder and Managing Director, Dr Ramiz Boulos, explains that the benefits of Verigrow extend beyond just the product, contributing to a more sustainable, circular economy.

“We work with local WA farmers to purchase their low-grade wool which would otherwise be wasted. Veratin then turns that wool into a high-end, all-purpose fertiliser which farmers can use on their crops. It’s a win-win for both the farmer and the home gardener.”

From humble beginnings in a university laboratory, Dr Boulos has come to discover a way of turning wool — a natural and sustainable source — into a bioavailable and biodegradable amino acid-rich product.

Independent studies have shown that Verigrow is significantly better than a market-leading brand in improving various plant health parameters, including biomass, plant height, root mass and NDVI (a measure of ‘greenness’). These studies found Verigrow was 2 to 5 times better than the market-leading brand in every parameter measured.

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