The Answer Lies In The Soil™ with Soil Solver®

Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.

The foundation for a garden is as important as the foundations of your house. Visitors take lasting impressions of your home in an instant. The quality of the soil makes the difference between an easy to care for, beautiful garden, and one that is constantly struggling, especially in the hot dry conditions of summer.

Your garden is an integral part of your home environment. Your senses automatically react to visual, aroma and atmospheric stimuli. Coming home to a healthy, peaceful, colourful garden with the cooling effect of a moist lawn impacts on how you respond to your home and family.

You can have a water-retentive, pest and weed controlled garden by setting the foundations of the soil first. The answer isn’t continuous additions of fertiliser and compost – the answer lies in the soil. It is the soil which needs amendment.

Perth’s mineral-poor sandy soils are hydrophobic causing water to run-off taking any goodness out of the soils and into the river systems. By making a permanent change to your sandy soil with Soil Solver® Clay Plus Minerals, you will gain a water-retentive, money saving rich loam soil.

We have all heard that clay is an essential ingredient in a good soil. The issue is which clay? They are not the same. Bentonite is a Montmorillonite clay used as a liner for dams as it attaches to itself forming a solid layer which repels water. It may assist in your garden for a few months because of added fertiliser and compost but in a short while the soil will return to its original sandy state.

UWA and the Agricultural Department trials have shown that Kaolin clay is the best clay for holding moisture as it binds with the sand particles and humus creating a fertile loam type of soil which holds moisture and nutrients.

Soil Solver® uses a high-grade Kaolin clay which meets the strict Australian Standards of ˂2 microns; that means it is smaller than the sand particles. This unique strain of Kaolin Clay is buried deep in WA’s Great Southern and is the only clay on the market that can boast a 50%˃ Clay chemistry. Blended with silt and the complete suite of rock minerals needed for plant health, Clay Plus Minerals is a permanent, certified Organic Allowed Input soil amendment holding nutrients and moisture negating need for wetting agents and greatly reducing seasonal supplements.

Farmers have known the benefits of Kaolin clay for decades. Soil Solver® creator, Gavin Davis, has a 120-year family farming history and learnt the importance of mineral balance to enhance the properties of the Kaolin clay which he spread on his paddocks. After studying soil science under Neil Kinsey, Gavin took on Perth’s sandy soils by creating Clay Plus Minerals. That was 11 years ago; the first gardens blended with Soil Solver® are still going strong benefiting from the permanent addition of clay and rock minerals.

Adding solely carbon into soil, the carbon breaks down to an alkaline oily wax which coats the sand particles and causes water repellent soil. This is known as “hydrophobic sand” resulting in even less water-holding capacity. So, whilst carbon input can have an immediate take up of plant available nutrients it is transitory and can be detrimental to the soil and environment unless it works in the natural partnership of minerals and carbon.

Our soils are missing the trace elements which are needed for all plant and human health. Fifteen minerals are needed for plant growth and fifty more minerals are required for optimum health for the plants that animals and humans consume. Clay Plus Minerals contains the equivalent of a bag of rock minerals. In short, the role of carbon is to release the minerals for plant uptake. Without the minerals, carbon cannot do the job that nature intends. It’s like sending a child to school without any teachers.

For use for lawns, garden beds, pots and trees, Soil Solver® recommends 10kg per sqm of Clay Plus Minerals blended into the soil with 5 litres per sqm of good mature compost. These components will work together to give you a permanent change and giving you greater time to just sit and enjoy. Soil Solver® will be at the Perth Garden Festival. Bring your photos or even a sample of your soil and Gavin will give you personal, professional advice on how to solve your sandy soil dilemma.