Whether you own your home or you are renting, we offer uncomplicated supply of LPG and natural gas. For 60 years, Kleenheat has been supplying gas to thousands of homes and businesses across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. So whether you’re connected to the pipes or a cylinder, we’ve got you covered.





HelpingMinds offers free support and information to anyone that is affected by mental health challenges across Western Australia.

Not only do we provide support services to those living with mental health challenges, but also to the family, friends and carers that are supporting someone with mental health challenges.

With over 45 years of service, we have come to understand that having a loved one who is experiencing mental health challenges can be a difficult and isolating experience. 

As such, we provide a range of mental health support and services that can help you care for your loved ones. 

We are here to listen and to provide you with emotional and practical support that will help you and your family cope during stressful times.





As the world changes so is BOOM. We are committed to leading industry to a carbon neutral future. We are moving forward , finding ways to reduce our environmental impact . We are investing in technology that allows greener operations. We are developing new ways to service customers that aligns with their sustainability goals. 

Through wind farms, solar farms and hydrogen plants, we are transforming the way the world sees power. Our priority is change. Our approach is recognising the impact of our operations on our planet and finding solutions to minimise them. Our values are to create a sustainable future for all.

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