2021 Stratco Landscape Show Gardens


Design: Daichi Hayashi (Nihonnoki)

The WASAI garden by Nihonnoki presents a fresh and unique approach of experiencing a garden. This eclectic garden is inspired by the Western Australian bushland and traditional Japanese gardens and Buddhism doctrine. Although compact in size, the arrangement and composition of the garden as a space has been deceptively manipulated in terms of how the “mind-body” interacts with the space.

The elemental components of WASAI consists of native and non-native plants, Yakeboku (burnt trees) and stones - combined to create an oasis where one can ease the mind and release unconscious stress.

WASAI (和裁), using the Japanese characters for harmony 和(wa) and planting 栽(sai). ‘wa ‘ sounds also circle 輪(wa).

WASAI garden calls us back to our intuition and inspires the observer re-awaken their passion for nature in a humours way. This garden is an embodiment of how the adoration of nature grounded in aesthetics plays a significant role in improving our state of being.



Design: Spring Green

Short story about the design:

This garden showcase 3 different approached and tell a story of our lifestyle in WA. How we can incorporate few different styles in one design without clash. Many backyards, built to be seen from inside the house or to complement a patio, are to be looked at as well, not explored.

This garden invite you to explore, discover some hidden area as the fire place behind the raised Corten garden bed and a formal garden which partly screen it from the entrance. Lets the kids go wild in the sand pit area while you are having a drink and relax in the patio enjoying life. This garden root the Alfresco structure and create a story.

Credit to Derick Kruis from Landscape Construct WA for the great built and design understanding.



    The Tucker Bush show garden is a demonstration of Australia’s unique palette of flora, showcasing nearly fifty species of edible native plants all in a 10m X 10m area. The display features bushfood notes by Noongar cultural expert Marissa Verma of Bindi Bindi Dreaming, design by Lisa Passmore of Inspired By Nature, landscaping by Simon Pawley of Sustainable Outdoors, and waterscaping by award-winning aquascaper Tony Green of Think Green Waterscapes. Lighting is by Perth Garden Lights.

    Mark Tucek started the Tucker Bush project with a vision — to restore a local flavour to our food and culture, to help young Australians grow up with a stronger connection to nature, and to influence a cultural shift that contributes to preserving our food security and biodiversity.

    Marissa Verma is Perth’s finest Aboriginal cultural consultant. Knowledgeable and backed by Noongar Elders, Marissa shares Aboriginal culture with the wider community through her successful 100% Aboriginal-owned and operated business, Bindi Bindi Dreaming. Founded in 2000, her venture has delivered authentic guided tours and cultural experiences showcasing the unique Noongar culture of this region.


    One for All

    This garden is designed to honour three beautiful children Soren, Saoirse, and Connor O’Shea who were killed in a car accident, and to promote awareness of the charity ‘3 Musketeers’ begun by their parents Maria and Brian O’Shea in memory of their children. (https://www.3musketeers.net.au)

    ‘One for All’ is loosely divided into ‘rooms’ to reflect aspects of the children’s personalities, yet it all ties together as one garden:

    • Saoirse’s garden is full of colour and abundance. Saoirse loved butterflies so the plants are butterfly and bird attracting, bringing in life to the garden.
    • Soren’s garden is calm and sheltering, much like the big brother he was. This part of the garden creates a space to come together
    • Connor’s garden is bright, playful and fun, with plants that move constantly, much like Connor himself.

    ‘One for All’ is a life affirming and joyful garden, a feast for the senses and a place for all things – to play, explore, wonder and wander, or to sit in quiet contemplation, soothed by the wind through the trees and grasses.

    ‘One for All’ is a place of memory, peace, hope and LIFE.