Rochester Ginger. Norfolk Punch. Natural Remedy Tonics

Taste the Goodness!

We welcome you to taste our traditional range of non-alcoholic health drinks across our three unique artisan produced brands 

Rochester Ginger 

Rochester Ginger takes you back to how they used to make ginger drinks to a traditional recipe with pressed ginger root & elderflower. Tastes like you’re having a drink – but without the alcohol. The holy grail for serious gingerholics.

Natural Remedy Tonics

Taste the goodness of our Natural Remedy Tonics that are highly concentrated, pleasant tasting and easy to consume in a liquid with no added sugar. Enjoy Turmeric & Curcumin with Mango (1 serve = 9 teaspoons of standard turmeric powder), Real Sarsaparilla for adrenals & nostalgic memories, Ginseng Ginkgo & Brahmi with Blueberries for the brain fog & Cayenne Chilli for metabolism boost.

Norfolk Punch

In the year 974, monks in the English county of Norfolk mixed together more than 30 different berries, herbs and spices to brew the first batch of Norfolk Punch, who believed it was ‘nature’s answer to tenseness, tiredness and lowness of spirits.’ Today Norfolk Punch is available for all to drink chilled to refresh or hot to relax, warm and cheer.


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