Renovate Your Lawn With Baileys

Mid-to-late spring is the best time to renovate your lawn — a term used to describe the process of removing thatch, aerating, and improving the soil profile. Why not take your lawn to the next level this spring and create the ultimate entertaining area for BBQs, backyard cricket and beers!

Step 1: Dethatch

If your lawn feels spongy under foot, or there’s lots of brown dead matter in the profile, it has a thatch build up and now’s the time to remove this layer. 


Option 1: Bring in a vertimower, which cuts vertically down into the thatch and throws it up onto the surface for removal. Suitable for a big build-up of thatch or a large area.

Option 2: Scalp the lawn by cutting the lawn down to the lowest setting and going over the grass two or three times. It’s important to remove the clippings. Lower the mower for each cut across the entire area until all signs of green growth are removed, and the lawn is brown. Be careful not to go too low using this method on varieties such as soft leaf buffalo which rely on above ground runners to recover.

Step 2: Aerate

Aerating compacted soils improves the amount and movement of oxygen, water and nutrients in the soil. This will produce a dense and thriving lawn.

Option 1: Coring equipment can be hired for heavily compacted or large areas to make the job easier. As a lawn corer moves over the lawn, it punches holes into the lawn and pulls out plugs of soil, thatch, and lawn, leaving open holes in the lawns surface.

Option 2: Grab a sturdy garden fork and push it around 5cm into the soil then gently rock back and forth to open the holes up. Continue over the whole lawn area at around 10 cm spacings.

Step 3: Wetting agent

Make the most of the water you apply by now adding Baileys Grosorb to treat hydrophobic soils. This reduces run-off by allowing water to rapidly soak through the soil.

Step 4: Feed

Fertilise with Baileys Turfect Energy. This complete, 3-in-1 fertiliser contains a fusion of fast and slow-release nutrients, soil improvers and bio-stimulants in one, easy-to-apply mini granule. Spread evenly at a rate of 50g/m2.

Step 5: Topdress

WA’s sandy soils benefit from an organic topdress to encourage greater populations of soil organisms and improve water and nutrient holding. Dress with Baileys Lawn Reviver, spreading thinly and evenly over the grass. Then massage this material into the lawn using the back of a flat steel rake or a specific lawn spreader tool. 

Step 6: Water

Water in well to make sure the topdress settles into the body of the grass.