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February 12, 2019
February 7, 2019

The Turf Growers Association of Western Australia was established in 1992 as an association of turf growers governed by Rules, a Code of Ethics and a Code of Best Practice. TGAWA members are committed to growing and supplying premium quality, warm season varieties of turf and honest, reliable service for domestic gardens and public open spaces in WA.

The TGAWA is committed to the vision ‘Green Space for all, forever’. We want you to love your lawn for all its benefits – health and wellbeing, environmental, social and economic.

Lawns cool the planet – one backyard at a time! Can you imagine life without lawn? Where would our children play? No matter the usage; raising a family, walking the dog, having a BBQ, playing professional sport or just having a kick around with friends, there’s no better or safer surface.

The TGAWA is a proud inaugural and committed member of the Green Space Alliance in WA.

The Green Space Alliance (GSA), a group of Western Australian amenity horticulture industry groups and aligned organisations, working together to promote the benefits of green space in all its forms, including parks and recreational reserves, civic spaces, residential gardens and the urban forest more broadly.

We know that the natural, living carpet under the canopy is essential to urban liveability, and for combating urban heat island effect. Our association is committed to encouraging best practice turf maintenance so that community benefits from healthy, naturally turfed areas for recreation and well-being.

Our association has responsibly, actively funded, supported and assisted with turf research at the University of Western Australia since 1992; with a focus on best practice, water usage, soil amendments, mowing heights, and turf varieties best suited to WA conditions and more over the years.

The most common turf/lawn varieties grown in WA will be on display at the Perth Garden Festival this year.

Come down and see us at the show where we will have natural, living turf on display for you to compare, feel and admire.

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