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August 14, 2017
Solar Harness
August 14, 2017

South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare

The South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL) was formed in 2003 as an independent Natural Resource Management body in Perth, Western Australia.

SERCUL brings together the community, business and government to develop and implement projects that improve the health of our waterways and other ecosystems.

A core component of our services is education and promotion whereby we aim to develop a cultural change in how the community views and interacts with the environment while promoting and actively participating in the improvement of the health of our waterways.

One of the ways we do this is by participating in events such as the Perth Garden Festival where we can reach a large number of people with our Fertilise Wise, Grow Local Plants, Mozzie Wise and Phosphorus Awareness Project messages.

At this year’s Perth Garden Festival we will be focusing on aquatic weeds, and in particular Amazon Frogbit, which is invading and conjesting our drains and waterways, displacing native vegetation and greatly impacting water quality. It is important people are aware that plants marketed as easy-to-maintain aquarium and pond plants can cause infestations and environmental damage when inappropriately disposed of in waterways.

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