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August 10, 2017
August 10, 2017


Argosee Greenhouse Technology are leading designers and installers of greenhouses, greenhouse products and accessories. Although Argosee are based in Perth Hills, many successful projects have been undertaken Australia wide.

Argosee has adopted a “can do” approach to all projects presented and pride themselves with developing successful outcomes for its clients. Argosee’s expertise in the development, manufacture and installation of specialised controlled environment systems across Australia attracts a broad range of clients requiring domestic greenhouse solutions through to turnkey quarantine, research, PC2, QC2 and teaching structures.

Argosee’s primary goal is to provide helpful friendly service whilst offering the latest in world-wide technological breakthroughs in greenhouse builds. Argosee offer an extensive range of greenhouses and greenhouse products including but not limited to galvanized steel and aluminium structures, Plexiglass, polycarbonate, F Clean, greenhouse films, irrigation systems, shade nets, insect nets, computerised control systems and ventilation mechanisms enabling clients to attain a controlled environment maximizing potential.

Argosee was established in 2006 utilising over 35 years of industry experience with the combined skills of Andrew Sadler and Colin Rea. They, along with their staff aim to provide quality services culminating in fully satisfied clients.