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November 17, 2017
Margaret River HempCo
October 12, 2017

2WP is an Australian owned company specialising in gardening tools and cleaning products. Established in 1977, we have an outstanding reputation for bringing you top quality products and service.

Working directly with our customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, 2WP receives continuous feedback and we pride ourselves in fulfilling the needs of Australian gardeners and homemakers.

Through continuous improvement over the past decade, 2WP have designed a range of ergonomic and extremely easy to use, powerful gardening tools.

What sets us apart? We offer industry leading warranty support and all of our products are serviceable. We stock a huge range of spare parts, meaning your gardening tools are an investment that will last for years and years.

Our product range is enjoyed by homes users and professionals alike. It includes Secateurs, Loppers, High reach poles and attachments, Line Trimmer Heads, Window cleaning products, and the famous Slurpex super absorbent chamois block

The pride of our fleet, the Dualkut Secateur, is covered by an international patent for its unique design. With the flick of a switch, you can choose between a ratchet secateurs for larger branches, or a single cut secateurs for the more delicate jobs such as pruning roses or vegetables.

All of our tools can be used by left handed or right handed individuals, and our secateurs are highly recommended for people with arthritis

Our products are manufactured under strict quality guidelines to ensure you get nothing but the best. Visit us and see for yourself!

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