Baileys Plant Market

The states largest plant market will be back this May! Grab the latest and greatest in Roses, Succulents, Waterlilies, Palm Trees, Peonies, Fruit Trees, Tulips, Berry Bushes, Orchids, Azaleas, Pitcher Plants, Natives, Wildflowers and much more!

With more variety and colour Langley Park will be full to the brim with all the best plants and flowers in the state's largest plant market. With new release varieties and garden favourites there is sure to be everything your garden needs.

Don't miss out on special event only discounts and offers! 



  • Owys Garden

    We are a family run nursery located on Wardandi Country in Bunbury Western Australia.

    We have a strong passion for both indoor and outdoor plants and are also avid collectors.

    It all began with small weekend market sales here and there but after many years we decided to open our garden up to the public so we could share our passion with everyone.

    We offer a wide range of plants, including a vast selection of succulents, cacti, bromeliads, euphorbias, ferns, cycads, aroids and many others.

    Come on over to Owy’s for great plants at affordable prices.

  • Orchidup

    Specialising in cool growing orchids, Orchidup is located in the coolest, wettest part of Western Australia, near the town of Walpole.
    Orchidup is a family owned business that started as an adjunct to our traditional beef cattle farm. Our forebears were amongst the first settlers in the region, establishing the property in the early 1930s. Their foresight means that the land is highly productive whilst still retaining significant tracts of natural bushland. It is in these areas that we have managed to conserve significant numbers of native orchids.

  • Jungle Divine

    Are you a plant lover?  Do you have the time to go to a nursery?  Probably not!  This is why Jungle Divine was born.

    Jungle Divine’s Mission is to provide a simple, reliable, easy, and convenient shopping experience for all plant lovers.​

  • St Clements Citrus

    St Clements Largest citrus range in WA. ‘WE KNOW IT, WE GROW IT”

  • Bromeliads

    Bromeliads WA is a small family business specialising predominately in Neoregelia (Neo’s).
    Over the last 15 years what started as two pups has now become one of Perth’s largest bromeliad nurseries with over 2000 different varieties. The growth in Bromeliads WA has come from a passion to provide Western Australia with a beautiful range of bromeliads. Whether you are a wholesale nursery, a garden lover, or a collector we have something for you.

  • Verge Garden Centre

    We are a local family business that pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality plants in Perth. From working with our growers for over 10 years, we have built immensely strong relationships, allowing us first grade access to the most elite line of produce, at the lowest possible price.

  • Seed Station

    Our mission is to provide the seeds for a sustainable food supply and keep heirloom seed varieties alive for future generations.  All the seeds we sell can be saved, shared and traded, and we encourage people to save their own seed.

  • Lakehouse Nursery

    Lakehouse Nursery is a unique nursery which grows Daylilies (Hemerocallis), Tall Bearded Iris and Lousiana Iris. The nursery not only prides itself on its beautiful plants but also educates customers how these plants are great plants for landscaping! Visit their website for more information.

  • Fickle Prickles

    Fickle Prickles is a Perth based online store and family business specialising in a variety of plants including unusual cacti, succulents, bulbs and gorgeous flowering perennials.

  • Succulent Planet

    Local growers of succulent plants and produce a large variety of general, collector and imported succulents. They also have a range of popular gifts and succulent bowls that are available on their online store.

  • Grasstrees Australia

    Grasstrees Australia specialises in the supply of WA Native Grasstrees. By holding all our stock for a minimum of 12 months after rescuing them, we allow a new root system to develop resulting in plants that are healthier, require less water and will make an instant visual impact on your garden. Pioneering this process over the past 30 years, Grasstrees Australia is a family owned, and nationally accredited nursery committed to supplying the highest quality plants as well as maintenance, trimming, and relocation services.

  • Australian Native Nursery

    The Australian Native Nursery will have for sale 190 Australian native species in forestry tubes at the Perth Garden Festival.  The Nursery will also be showing how people with small gardens can have great fun and a very rewarding hobby, growing natives in pots and as Bonsai.  There will also be a range of more mature Bonsai starters for sale.

    Life begins the day you start an Australian native garden in the ground, in pots or as Bonsai.

  • Supreme Plants

    Supreme Plants is a nursery in the heart of the Swan Valley on West Swan road. Run by Luke and Paula, they specialise in roses and citrus (and have a huge range). Our roses are grafted onto Fortuniana root stock which is “best” for Western Australian conditions. With a large selection of fruit trees, cottage plants, succulents, natives, ornamental trees and plants.

  • Red Rock Nursery

    Red Rock Nursery was established in 1999 by long time plant enthusiast, Paul Roy. For three decades Paul has researched various eco-systems, exploring rain forests, mountains and water-ways, studying the diverse flora and fauna found in different parts of the world. Red Rock’s strong, well-grown plants guarantee enthusiasts start with quality reliable stock.​Specialising in carnivorous plants renowned for rare and exotic plants suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Shen’s Succulents

    We specialise in collector succulents, those variegated, monstrous and korean forms.  We are passionate family based nursery focused on bringing the greatest range of choices to crazy succulents lovers in WA. Quality is our priority and we commit to your satisfaction. If you would like to be updated with our latest stocks and member special offers, please get in touch through Facebook Group “Shens Succulents WA”.

  • Crazy Garden WA

  • The Old Oak



We are still finalising which nurseries will be in attendance at the largest plant market in WA!Stay tuned and check back for more nurseries that will bring you a massive variety of plants, including some of the below, and much more! 


Australian Natives & Native Edibles

Australian native plants, known for their resilience and unique adaptations to the continent's diverse climates, not only contribute to the ecological richness of landscapes but also offer a striking array of colors and textures, embodying the beauty and biodiversity of Australia's native flora.

Indoor & Small Space plants

Indoor and small space plants, carefully curated for their adaptability and compact size, bring a touch of nature to limited spaces, transforming homes, offices, and small corners into green sanctuaries that thrive in diverse environments.

Succulents & Carnivorous plants

With their fascinating adaptations and striking aesthetics, see the beauty of drought-tolerant succulents and the intriguing allure of carnivorous species that thrive in specialized habitats.

Fruit Trees, Citrus Plants, Vegetable Plants and Seedlings/Seeds

A diverse range of offerings includes fruit trees laden with promise, fragrant citrus plants, robust vegetable varieties, and a bounty of seedlings and seeds, inviting both seasoned gardeners and aspiring enthusiasts to cultivate their own flourishing edible landscapes.

Water Lilies, Daylilies, Dahlias, Bromeliads

Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of blooms, where the delicate elegance of water lilies, the vibrant hues of daylilies, the intricate patterns of dahlias, and the exotic allure of bromeliads create a captivating symphony of colors and forms in the garden display.

Wide variety of rose bushes & palm trees

A wide spectrum of enchanting rose bushes, each boasting unique colors and fragrances, alongside majestic palm trees that add a touch of tropical splendor, offering enthusiasts a diverse palette to enhance their outdoor landscapes.