WA's Largest Plant Market

McCallum Park will be overflowing with Succulents, Waterlilies, Palm Trees, Roses, Fruit Trees, Tulips, Berry Bushes, Orchids, Pitcher Plants, Natives and much more!

With specialized growers providing new release varieties and garden favourites there is sure to be everything your garden needs in one convenient location.

Don't miss out on special event only discounts and offers at each and every nursery.


List subject to change as more nurseries are added.
  • Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm

    The Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm is arguably one of Australia’s best Water Garden Nurseries, with over 100 ponds on display showcasing and selling 50 varieties of Water Lilies, (including Hardy, Tropical, Miniature and Night Flowering Lilies), Aquaponic information and equipment,  all types of pond accessories,   along with a large […]
  • WaterGreens

    WaterGreens is Western Australia’s premium grower and promoter of quality water & pond plants. They grow a large range of Ornamental, Edible and Native varieties and have a water plant for every type of pond.
  • Tulips with a Difference

    Tulips with a Difference Quality easy to grow Autumn/Spring and Summer flowering bulbs.  All your favourites and in addition, rare and beautiful plant varieties, Rhubarb and many others.  Making a wonderful addition to your garden that will give you years of pleasure.
  • Tucker Bush

    Delicious Edible Native Plants Did you know that most of the edibles we grow in our gardens today were originally imported from overseas? With Tucker Bush edible natives, you can enjoy a backyard full of unique and delicious bush tucker fruits, roots, nuts, seeds and leaves from plants naturally designed […]
  • The Green Life Soil Co

    Greenlife Soil Company The Green Life Soil Co manufactures and supplies a range of nutritionally complete soils and soil improvers designed for longevity and to help your garden bloom in Perth’s challenging conditions. We have Perth’s best range of organic vegetable seedlings, heritage seeds and everything you need to for […]
  • Tass 1 Trees

    Tass 1 Trees Tass 1 trees was established in 2002, where a small variety of fruit trees were produced. In 2014 a decision to relocate was necessary to expand both the varieties and the volume of treesproduced. Now settled in Middle Swan I have been able to turn what was a labour of love, into a nursery producing […]
  • Supreme Plants

    Supreme Plants is a nursery in the heart of the Swan Valley on West Swan road. Run by Luke and Paula, they specialise in roses and citrus (and have a huge range). Our roses are grafted onto Fortuniana root stock which is “best” for Western Australian conditions. With a large […]
  • Succulents Perth

    Succulents Perth is small nursery that’s now been running for three years. Providing imported and hard to find, new and exciting plants for Succulent and Cactus collectors. 
  • Succulent Planet

    Succulent Planet are passionate local growers of succulent plants and produce a large variety of general, collector and imported succulents. Their range includes Echeveria, Aloe, Haworthia, Crassula, Sedum, Kalanchoe, Cacti and many more. They also have a range of popular gifts and succulent bowls that are available at our Nursery or […]
  • St Clements

    ST CLEMENTS Mayday , Mayday, Mayday Here at St Clements citrus we are having a May Day sale on certain items May Day weekend! So , comrades come along and grab a bargain. Pre Perestroika prices! $11 each: Grafted roses in 175mm pots Hibiscus in 175mm pots Olives Pendelino 5litre […]
  • RedRock Nursery

    Specialist Carnivorous Plant Nursery bringing these marvels of nature, which just happen to be incredibly beautiful , to Perth plant lovers.  
  • Perth Hills Veggie Company

    Perth Hills Veggie Company Perth Hills Veggie Co. grow heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seedlings which are available at selected nurseries around Perth and are seasonally available on our website along with our extensive seed collection for mail order delivery.
  • Parkerville Berry Company

    Parkerville Berry Company, in partnership with Mountain Blue Orchards, are providing world class blueberry genetics to the WA horticultural industry. The Eureka brand is the face of the program and you will find this large, sweet and crunchy fruit in Coles supermarket in season. We are also building a portfolio […]
  • Organic Botanic

    Organic Botanic Organic Botanic is a boutique nursery specialising in edible plants and heirloom vegetable seeds.
  • Orchidup

    Orchidup specialises in cool growing orchids and air plants that are ideally suited to our WA climate. We have a huge selection of familiar orchids such as the Cymbidium, Oncidium and Dendrobiums as well as some harder to find varieties such as Sarcochilus, Zygopetalum, Masdevallias and Epidendrums. This year we […]
  • Muchea Tree Farm

    Muchea Tree Farm We are situated in a small town of Muchea, 50 km north of Perth, Western Australia. Our specialties include native farm trees, proteas, shrubs, ground covers – thousands of different plants.
  • Melville’s Rose n Garden

    Perth’s Finest Roses In Pots – Available For Retail & Wholesale Nestled in the picturesque Perth hills only 25 minutes from the city is Melville Rose Farm, an award-winning propagation nursery growing, retailing and wholesaling Perth’s Finest Roses and cottage perennials. The property has a calm tranquillity that’s hard to […]
  • Lakehouse Nursery

    “If you can kill a daylily, give up gardening” a famous collector once said! With over 80,000 registered varieties the only danger a collector will have is ‘collector adddiction’ There is even a movie “The Mule” staring Clint Eastwood that features this addiction. Not even prison could stop his passion […]
  • Grasstrees Australia

    Premium provider of quality WA native grasstrees , specialising in nursery stabilised stock. Dedicated to sound environmental practices, rescues and recycling of this wonderful species.
  • Ellenby Tree Farm

    Ellenby Tree Farm As the Name suggests, Ellenby Tree Farm specialises in trees. As a wholesale supplier and a retail outlet we are well equipped to provide our customers with the trees that they are after no matter how large or small their requirements. Ellenby Tree Farm is the forerunner […]
  • Dawsons Garden World

    Dawsons Garden World At Dawson’s Garden World they’re passionate about gardening. Dawsons Garden World don’t just sell plants, they want to help you get the best out of your garden. Their roots are deep in the ground, serving Perth’s gardening community for over a hundred years. We know you’ll enjoy […]
  • Coast Road Palms

    Coast Road Palms, once again, are looking forward to displaying a small sample of their tropical gardens at the Perth Garden & Outdoor Living Festival. They will be showcasing a large range of trendy, Outdoor & Indoor plants, Gingers, Heliconia’s and Coloured Foliage, as well as this, they will also have […]
  • Bromelaids WA

    Bromeliads WA is a small family business specialising predominately in Neoregelia (Neo’s). Over the last 15 years what started as two pups has now become one of Perth’s largest bromeliad nurseries with over 2000 different varieties. The growth in Bromeliads WA has come from a passion to provide Western Australia […]
  • Birnam Nursery

    Birnam Nursery is one of Western Australia’s leading wholesale nurseries based in Oakford. Our main focus is our wide range of indoor and patio stock. From Alocasias, Calatheas, Philodendrons, Monsteras and more, we are one of Perth’s biggest indoor plant growers. With our small family run business you can expect […]
  • Australian Native Nurseries

    Australian Native Nurseries Australian Native Nursery has been helping West Australian’s get the most from their garden for nearly 20 years. At our family-0wned and run Oakford nursery, we grow over 1500 Australian native plant species, as tubestock through to 50lt bags. We have a huge range of groundcovers, wildflowers, […]