Industry Leaders in Sustainable Brushwood Fencing Products with Bowman Brush

With worldwide attention on environmental sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions, it makes sense to choose eco-friendly products for your home to do your bit for the environment.

Bowman Brush is WA’s premier supplier of sustainable, 100% plantation-grown brushwood fence panels and screening products. Their range includes distinctive, modern brushwood fencing solutions, unique brushwood products, custom sizing, and DIY kits. They also offer an extensive selection of accessories, including Colorbond® framing, decorative features, and various capping options.

The company’s brushwood fence panels and screens are suitable for residential applications through to large-scale commercial developments. Their products are used extensively throughout Australia by homeowners, commercial developers, housing estates, holiday resorts, caravan parks, and zoological parks, to name a few. The products are so versatile they can be used for virtually any fencing or screening application.

Bowman Brush’s range of brushwood products offer practical and affordable solutions to dress up the appearance of your outdoor area or cover up your unsightly standard fencing for a more natural look and feel. They are perfect for hiding your shed, clothesline, pool pump or other items that detract from the look of your yard.

Hayley from Bowman Brush says, “Our brushwood panels do a great job at reducing glare from light reflecting off your fence and are excellent at reducing the heat-pool effect in your yard, synonymous with Colorbond® and Super Six fencing.” Hayley also says, “The fence panels make excellent sound insulators; just what you need if you live near a busy road or if you simply want to shield yourself from noisy neighbours.”

A Passion for Quality

The team at Bowman Brush love playing with sticks. Each brushwood panel contains hundreds of individual sticks, with each one harvested, bundled, dried, then woven and compressed to become part of the final panel. For peace of mind and quality you can rely on, only the highest quality brushwood makes it into the final product.

The manufacturing process involves tightly compressing brushwood sticks to create dense solid panels, which are held together firmly with either heavy-duty galvanised wire, or stainless steel wire for added longevity or seaside applications. The Bowman Brush team developed and manufactured their own machinery to ensure a consistent level of quality in the creation of their products. Their state-of-the-art machinery and production techniques allow for custom sizing and unique designs, including cut-outs and decorative metal inserts within the panelling.

Sustainable Solutions to Protect the Environment

Bowman Brush is all about sustainability and they are proud to be the only brush fencing manufacturer in Australia using exclusively plantation-grown brushwood. The Bowman family owns an 1100 acre property in the Western Australian Wheatbelt region, where they grow the melaleuca brushwood used in their products. This particular type of plant is native to the area and flourishes in its natural environment, without the need for irrigation or dangerous pesticides and herbicides.

A positive side-effect of the Bowman Brush plantation is that it helps to lower the underground water table in the area, reducing surface salinity in the surrounding salt-prone soils. The plantation also provides a sanctuary for native wildlife in a predominantly broadacre farming region. The team also has an ongoing seedling program to expand brushwood growth in their plantation.

Simple to Install, Easy to Maintain

If you are an avid DIYer, Hayley from Bowman Brush says it is possible to install the panels yourself. To help you along the way, the Bowman Brush website has useful installation guides, with detailed step-by-step instructions. Alternatively, if you are not DIY inclined, for the best results Hayley recommends having the panels installed by one of their installation partners. When installed correctly, the panels will not rot or sag and, being termite-resistant, they will remain structurally sound and pleasing to the eye for years to come.

Hayley says their brushwood panels naturally change colour as they cure over the first year after installation. From there, the colour will settle and retain its look for the lifetime of the product. Keeping them looking good is as simple as preventing soil build-up on the base of the panels and replacing the rolltop capping every 10-12 years. For those looking to revitalise the panels further, a quick spray with a 50/50 solution of linseed oil and turpentine once-a-year year does the job nicely.

Look out for Hayley and the Bowman Brush team at the Perth Garden & Outdoor Living Festival from 29 April to 2 May 2021. To learn more about Bowman Brush, view their range of products, or find out about their installation partners, visit their website at or call Hayley on 0458 251 261.