1How much are tickets?
You can see our online ticket prices HERE
2Where are my tickets?
When purchasing your tickets they are automatically emailed to the billing email address you supply at the checkout. Be sure to check your email spam folder for your tickets. Still can’t find your tickets? Email Us: tickets@perthgardenfestival.com
3When are my tickets valid?
Tickets are single use, valid for one entry on any day of the festival.
4 What time is the festival open?
Thursday 9th May - 10am – 4pm
Friday 10th May - 10am – 4pm
Saturday 11th May - 10am – 4pm
Sunday 12th May - 10am – 4pm
5Is there a parcel pick up area?
Yes we offer a parcel pick up service. When visitors have purchased large items they can have it moved to the parcel pick up point allowing them to load the item straight into their car. To organise this service visitors can fill out the Parcel Pick-up Form from the exhibitor they bought their item from. Please make sure that you fill out all your details should we need to contact you. Customers hand their form to staff at Parcel Pickup (see festival map for location and accessibility by vehicle). Parcels will be available for pick up within 30 minutes. All goods must be collected from the Parcel Pickup area closing time (4.30pm) each day. If Items are not collected the item will be held at the parcel collection point until the end of the festival on Sunday, but no responsibility will be taken by Perth Garden Festival for items that are lost or stolen overnight due to the buyer not picking it up.
6Will food be available for purchase?
There is plenty of delicious food on offer from a variety of food vendors and cafes located across the festival. After exploring the stunning displays, relax and enjoy the wide range of delicious hot and cold foods, ice cream, coffee and drinks that are available whilst enjoying the surroundings of the festival. Make a day of it and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or snack from one of food and beverage vendors.
7Are there ATM's on the grounds?
ATM’S are available at the festival. (please refer to map).
8Will there be Toilets on the grounds?
There are toilet areas, on opposite sides of the festival.
9Is there parking?
Visitor parking is located right outside the event gates, allowing visitors easy access and close proximity of parking to the event. ACROD parking will also be available immediately adjacent to the entry gate, again, ensuring distance travelled is as short as possible.

Please note Perth Garden Festival Parking is open between the hours of 9AM - 5PM. There is no overnight parking. 

There is also CPP parking available nearby; Terrace Rd, Perth Concert Hall, Hyatt Centre, Point Fraser, Plain St and Fire Station. Search for nearby CPP parking on their website www.cityofperthparking.com.au
10Is there ACROD parking?
There is ample ACROD parking available immediately adjacent to the front entrance. Refer to map
11Can I get there via Public Transport?
The festival will be a very short distance from the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station & Perth Station and various stops along Adelaide Terrace, allowing visitors access to the event via public transport if they choose. www.transperth.com.au
12Have a companion card?
We honor companion cards. Present companion card at the gate for free entry for the card holder.
13Are there First Aid Stations?
First aid assistance is located at the main entrance gate. Please see them or any staff should you need immediate medical attention.
14Having trouble with your tickets?
If you are having trouble purchasing or downloading your tickets, please email ticketsales@perthgardenfestival.com
15Is the event dog friendly?
The festival is dog friendly, all dogs must be kept on their leashes and cleaned up after. There are also specific no-dogs allowed areas such as the Garden Bar within the festival grounds, which will be clearly marked.