From 9th to 12th of May, Langley Park will be full to the brim with with amazing deals on top brands and the greatest gardening, outdoor living, outdoor cooking and lifestyle products.

Looking for plants? See the nursery list HERE



  • Australian Bee Company

    Australian Bee Company offers many types of local honey. Choose by taste or medicinal properties.

  • Lorraine Angelina Designs

  • Glavocich Produce

    Glavocich Produce: A local WA family-owned farm bringing freshness to your doorstep

    In the heart of our community lies Glavocich Produce, a cherished family-owned and operated farm that has been nurturing the land for generations. With a commitment to sustainable farming practices and a passion for delivering the freshest produce, Glavocich Produce is a beacon of quality and community connection.

  • West Coast Plunge Pools

    Dive into backyard elegance with West Coast Plunge Pools at the Perth Garden & Outdoor Living Festival, May 9-12, 2024. Our extensive selection includes free-standing fibreglass, concrete pre-cast, and the distinctive Outback Plunge Pool, ensuring we cater to every style and need. Crafted in Australia, each pool is designed for any climate, lined with high-grade commercial waterproofing, and equipped with freshwater, energy-efficient systems for durability and ease of use. Experience the fun, colourful, and inviting offerings of West Coast Plunge Pools and discover why we’re on our way to becoming WA’s top plunge pool provider. Transform your outdoor living space with our unforgettable and versatile plunge pool options!

  • Stihl

    At STIHL, you’ll find precisely the right tools to tackle challenges in domestic gardens, landscape maintenance, agriculture, forestry and construction work.

    STIHL is synonymous with the joy of working in nature, and we apply this joy to our products – with quality, performance and user-friendliness at the heart of what we do. STIHL’s self-image has been deeply rooted in these values for over 95 years. During this time, our basic approach has never changed: we are a family-owned company that makes it easier for people to work with and in nature, and inspires them with innovative products.

  • Wick and Grow


    Based in Perth Western Australia, wick and grow was set up in 2018 with the intention of promoting the sustainability and other benefits of “wicking” in West Australia.

    We work very closely with WaterUps from DownUnder and thanks to that relationship, we have obtained WaterWise Accreditation from the Water Corporation.

  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

  • Pots WA

  • Billy Stitch Distillery

  • Boom Logistics

  • Zeez Beez

  • Rose Society

  • OzShut

  • Richgro

  • Cloud 9 Hanging Chairs

  • Hello Fresh

  • BOYA


  • Martin Jaine Sculptures

  • PainPod

  • TumeriX

  • Walkers Steel Art

    Rob, the visionary behind this creative enterprise, has carved a niche in crafting magnificent sculptures that predominantly celebrate the wonders of nature. His chosen medium is steel, often infused with various other materials, a testament to his innovative approach to artistry.

  • Step Flex Orthodics

    These highly effective proprioceptive innersoles are manufactured in Germany. They are available in many countries across the globe. This style of orthotics were first introduced to Australia in 2004. Since then they have been fitted to many feet, either by doctors and therapists, or through the Step Flex team.

  • Moore Catchment Council

    The award winning landcare group Moore Catchment Council is bringing The Last Stand to the Perth Garden Festival ! Based in Moora Midwest WA, Moore Catchment Council’s mission is to raise awareness of WA’s natural assets and ways to conserve them before they disappear forever. Come and learn about WA’s iconic Wheatbelt species including its trees, birds, wildflowers, and animals. Find out about feral weeds and animals which threaten their existence. Be a Wheatbelt Wild detective and win a family pass to Caversham Wildlife Park or a native seedling.

  • Adjusta Mattress

    As a leader in the adjustable bedding industry in both New Zealand & Australia, sleep health is the foundation behind our vision and core values at Adjusta Mattress.  We continually aim to improve the quality of life for individuals who experience a range of health conditions, as well as those who experience poor sleep health, through positional therapy when at home, travelling on the road or at sea.

  • The Charlick Tumeric Method

    We manufacture and sell a prepackaged product MetaBuz™ Turmeric Chai Tea. www.metabuz.buz.com.au. We also manufacture and sell a cosmetic AloeBuz Spray ya Skin anti ageing serum. www.aloebuz.com.au

  • Dsatco Mulch

    We use the by-product from broad acre farming and turn it into high quality garden products. The by-product would otherwise be burnt releasing carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere. This means we reduce the carbon footprint of broad acre farming whilst also increasing farmers revenue, in turn allowing us to help out farming communities in Western Australia.

  • Solargrid

    Solar energy can change the way you live. It has the power to save you thousands of dollars on energy costs. The power to help you act more sustainably. The power to renew the energy you use every day by using the natural energy of the sun.

  • Bird’s the Word

    Welcome to Bird’s the Word, an Australian run family business since 1998.  Here you can view a range of the finest birdhouses, rusty garden art, sculptures, bird baths, letterboxes and garden accessories.

  • Outdoor Elegance

    At Outdoor Elegance, we have been working for more than twenty years to bring affordable, high-quality outdoor furniture to customers. If you’re searching for pieces that not only look great but are built to last for many years in the tough Australian weather, you’re in the right place.

  • Metal Art Creations

    Metal sculptures for indoors, front yard or as a garden feature. Uniquely handcrafted artworks by WA.

  • 2WP Garden Tools

    2WP have designed a range of ergonomic and extremely easy to use, powerful gardening tools enjoyed by home users and professionals alike. It includes Secateurs, Loppers, High reach poles and attachments, Line Trimmer Heads, Window cleaning products, and the famous Slurpex super absorbent chamois block.

  • Newcastle Hats

    Newcastle Hats are brought to you by the team at VISIONSafe and are proudly Australian made and owned. Our hats withstand the toughest conditions because we use the very best quality materials. We have a large range of stocked and customisable styles of wide brim hats, along with the ability to manufacture a range of other products in our purpose built factory in the Perth hills of Western Australia.

  • Argosee Greenhouses

    Argosee Greenhouse Technology are leading designers and installers of greenhouses, greenhouse products and accessories. Although Argosee are based in the Perth Hills, many successful projects have been undertaken Australia wide. Argosee’s primary goal is to provide helpful friendly service whilst offering the latest in world-wide technological breakthroughs in greenhouse builds. For more information and our price list visit our website!

  • Soil Solver

    The foundation for a garden is as important as the foundations of your house. You can have a water-retentive, pest and weed controlled garden by setting the foundations of the soil first. Perth’s clay and mineral-poor sandy soils are hydrophobic causing water to run-off taking any goodness out of the soils and into the river systems. Cut your watering requirements in half and alleviate the need for seasonal supplements with our range of premium products. For over 11 years, Soil Solver® is the sandy soil solution.

  • Green Earth Enterprises

    Green Earth Enterprises are the Western Australian Distributor of FormBoss Steel Garden Edging. We take pride in being able to assist Designers, Trade and Retail customers with their garden edging and steel requirements. Green Earth Enterprises are also able to provide custom steel fabrication of anything from Letterboxes to Pergolas, Planters and anything else you can imagine.

  • Better Living Australia

    Our amazing luxury beds offer adjustable sleeping, whole body vibration therapy, zero gravity sleeping, memory functions, USB charging ports and under bed lighting. Our beds are designed to assist with many everyday ailments, our friendly and knowledgeable team would love to go through your specific health sleeping plan with you today.

  • Wine Selectors

    At Wine Selectors we believe sharing good wine with food, family and friends is what life is all about. So come and visit us, and taste some of the best wines Australia has to offer. We specialise in Australian wines and handpick medal-quality wines from over 500 Wineries from every Australian wine region. With such diversity on offer, you’re sure to discover your next favourite wine.

  • Cutabove Tools

    Gardening is good for you!

    We are aware that one of the reasons you visit the Perth Garden & Outdoor Living Festival is to purchase quality pruning, gardening and cleaning tools from CutAbove Tools. Well, all is not lost! We now have a local presence in Perth, Western Australia – Direct Bargain Warehouse (DBW). DBW are holding most lines in stock and Mal welcomes you to visit and view any lines in the Bibra Lake Warehouse.

  • AmberChes Distillery

    AmberChes is a family affair with Dean, Heather, Alicia and Lauren all participating in establishing the business.  We love to experiment and have developed a number of gins which will be released periodically through the website and social media.

    Each gin is hand crafted, using local botanicals and fruits where available. We hope you love our gins as much as we do and we will continue to “craft” to bring new and exciting flavours for you to try.

  • Metal Garden Sculptures

    Metal Garden Sculptor creates free hand plasma cut flowers, signs & unique one of pieces from reclaimed old Corrugated Iron, barb wire, old farming implements & tools, leadlight kangaroo paws & more. Bird houses, feeders & bird baths, Aussie Aussie Aussie

  • TruYard

    WA’s local outdoor gardening equipment specialist for 25 years.  Truyard is a WA owned and operated manufacturer of outdoor power equipment.  We are attending the Perth Outdoor Gardening & Living Festival for our 25th year with demonstrations of the highest quality range of Chipper Mulcher’s, Reel Mowers, Garden Edgers, Chippers and Mower Trimmers.

  • Soil Dynamics

    We’re about bettering soil, plant & ultimately human health

    Designed for the eco and health-conscious home gardener wanting to give their green thumb a whirl, to large-scale commercial agricultural enterprises -wanting to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

    Developed by organic agronomist Anthony Quinlan(B.Sc), all of Soil Dynamics inputs are science-backed to stimulate soil biology for the most high-yielding outcomes. We have been doing this for 28 years involving rigorous biological soil testing analysis, trials, and product development right here in Margaret River WA. We are grateful to work alongside some of the most respected wineries in the region such as Cullens, Frankland Estate, Woodlands, Cloud Burst and many more ….

    We provide the gold standard in NASAA-certification so you can rest assured there are no nasties in what we provide when it comes to soil solutions for your home garden, farm or crops.

    We keep gardening simple & our home garden range not only offers you double the power as they are all agricultural grade and go twice as far, but they come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t see results within 60 days –

    Now that’s Dynamic!

  • The Garden Shed at 4Farmers

    4Farmers Australia specialises in supplying high quality agricultural chemicals for our Australian farmers. The majority of our products are manufactured by us right here in Perth. We have traditionally worked exclusively with broadacre growers, supplying products in pack sizes ranging from 20 to 1,000 ltrs or kgs.
    More recently, in response to increasing local community interest, The Garden Shed is making our extensive knowledge and superior products available to the domestic and horticultural markets in smaller, user-friendly pack sizes. Working with small land holders, franchise operators and peak industry bodies, as well as local home gardeners, we offer a number of unique products that are new to these markets.
    Come and check out our range of great quality, competitively priced products at the Perth Garden and Outdoor Living Festival!!

  • FunJobs Gardening Gloves

    Introducing FunJobs Garden Gloves, a revolutionary product designed to transform the gardening experience for enthusiasts across Australia. Created by Melanie Hardie, an entrepreneur with a passion for both gardening and elegant design, FunJobs Garden Gloves have quickly gained attention for their innovative features and exceptional quality.

    Inspired by her own frustrations with traditional garden gloves, Melanie embarked on a journey to create a solution that would combine durability, functionality, and style. After over two years of meticulous research and development, FunJobs Garden Gloves have emerged as a game-changer in the gardening industry.

  • Witherspoons Pure Skin Care

    Our Nutrient RICH skincare is VERY POPULAR with men & women who work outside. Gardeners, landscapers, Tradies or anyone who has to wash a lot at work! OR just wants a healthier option.

    They are easy to use and much more effective.  Come have a hand treatment and see for yourself.

  • Footwear Australia

    We sell all types of footwear too use in the garden for Men and Women!


We are still finalizing some exhibitors that will be in attendance at this year's festival! Stay tuned and check back for more stallholders bringing you the below, and much more!


Fertilisers, Mulch, Soil Improvement

Fertilizers provide essential nutrients to enhance plant growth, mulch conserves moisture and regulates soil temperature, while soil improvement techniques optimize the overall health and fertility of the soil for sustained agricultural productivity.

Garden and Power Tools

Explore an array of innovative garden and power tools, from precision pruners to advanced lawn mowers, providing visitors with the latest technology to effortlessly maintain and enhance their outdoor spaces.

Artisanal Plant Pots

Exquisite handcrafted plant pots, showcasing unique designs and textures that elevate the aesthetic of any green space.

Gardening Work Wear

Gardening workwear, featuring durable yet comfortable materials and practical designs, ensures that enthusiasts can tend to their green spaces with ease, providing protection against the elements while allowing freedom of movement for a pleasurable gardening experience.

Decking, Paving & Patios

Decking, paving, and patios seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, transforming outdoor spaces into inviting retreats with versatile surfaces that enhance both the visual appeal and usability of gardens and entertainment areas.


Lawn enthusiasts can explore a diverse array of lawnmowers on display, showcasing the latest in cutting-edge technology, design, and functionality, catering to every gardener's preference and lawn care needs.

Garden Art and Sculptures

Make your garden comes alive with an enchanting array of garden art and sculptures, each piece adding a touch of creativity and charm to outdoor spaces.

Water Features, Fountains & Bird Baths

Turn your outdoor space into a calming green space with the use of water features, fountains and bird baths.

Outdoor & Garden Furniture

Enjoy your outdoor space in style. Transform any outdoor space into a welcoming retreat for relaxation and social gatherings with some new outdoor furniture.

Greenhouses, Raised Beds & Vertical Gardens

From greenhouses nurturing year-round growth to raised beds fostering optimal soil conditions and vertical gardens maximizing space efficiency, we celebrate the versatility of cultivation methods, offering enthusiasts a spectrum of options for cultivating thriving and diverse plant environments

Artisan Crafts, Ornaments and Produce

A delightful array of handmade crafts, ornate ornaments, and locally sourced produce take centre stage, showcasing the unique talents of artisans and the rich bounty of the WA region.