Get to know Benara Nursery

Founded in 1963, Benara Nurseries are a proudly Western Australian owned and operated family business that prides itself on being leaders and innovators in living plants.

Today, Benara Nurseries has grown to encompass 520 acres that are cared for by more than 350 hardworking staff. As one of the largest wholesale nurseries in Australia, Benara Nurseries is dedicated to the highest horticultural standards and utilises world-class, best management practices. Benara have been accredited for both NIASA and EcoHort for several years, these independently-audited schemes ensure Benara maintain the highest standards.

Benara Nurseries supply high quality seedlings, advanced trees, and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants to retailers, councils, developers and landscapers both locally and interstate.

Both Benara Nurseries management and staff believe passionately in having a positive impact on the world around them. This includes contributing to urban cooling, or reducing the heat island effect. Street trees and other green infrastructure such as community parks, waterwise verges, green roofs and living walls help to absorb sunlight and shade hard surfaces, reducing the amount of heat that's released.

Benara Nurseries partner with organisations locally and around the world to promote the benefits of greenlife and deliver native and waterwise plants to customers across Australia.

Benara Nurseries are privileged to be a partner of the Kings Park Botanical Gardens’ plant breeding program, which crafts new plant varieties that reflect the nature of Western Australian flora. New Grevilleas ‘Scarlet Moon’, ‘Outback Sunrise’, ‘Aphrodite's Dream’, ‘Cupid's Dream’, ‘Pink Profusion’, ‘Tangerine Dream’, ‘Ruby Dream’, and ‘Raspberry Dream’ are ideal feature plants for waterwise landscapes that aim to attract birds. These grevilleas are bred for compact habits and showstopping flowers, to suit modern smaller gardens.

Through our overseas networks, Benara Nurseries are very excited to introduce new plant varieties to Perth gardeners. The outstanding ground-breaking, black leafed ZZ Plant, Zamioculcas Dark Zamicro PBR and Zamioculcas Raven PBR, are remarkable new varieties of the popular Zamioculcas zamiifolia (also known as ZZ or Zanzibar Gem).

Providing a real feature plant with few demands, these easy to grow varieties can tolerate a slightly forgetful waterer, storing reserves in their roots and rhizomes. The distinctly different Dark Zamicro, is a beautiful mini version with relatively smaller black and green glossy leaflets and compact, upright growth. Raven and Dark Zamicro both show off the stunning natural colour progression, as their leaves develop from vivid lime green to shiny jet-black, offering a strong statement in any space!