Bougainvilleas that you can handle

Now, friendlier bougainvilleas that are fantastic for your landscaping and small garden needs. It all began in the 1980’s...

Passionate bougainvillea lover and Brisbane nursery woman, Jan Iredell, made the decision to dedicate her time to specifically breed and grow dwarfed and more compact bougainvilleas... ones with all the colour and pizzazz of traditional bougainvilleas but with less harmful thorns. Specifically too, Jan was after a smaller and more compact plant but just as hardy.

The result was the introduction of Bambino® Bougs and recently Babybino® Bougs that are brilliant ground huggers. Jan Iredell says:
“I have always loved bougainvilleas. Their amazing brilliant colours and their hardiness made me feel they were a plant that outshone most others. The biggest downside with ordinary bougainvilleas is that they are not friendly plants. They have large hurtful thorns and pruning them to shape and size is a big issue. I felt that with a specific breeding program, these problems could be overcome. The result is, I am delighted to say, is the ‘Bambino’ range. Recently we also introduced the ‘Babybino’ range, which are wonderful ground huggers. Both the Bambino® range and the Babybino® range are a much more accessible, friendlier bougainvillea for every gardener and landscaper. They have maintained the rich vibrant colours, hardiness and are water wise once established. It has been a constant joy to watch my dreams come to fruition and I hope gardeners everywhere will love them as much as I do”.

If you are like most green thumbs, your understanding of Bougainvilleas were that they were plants that overgrew quickly with lots of thorns and were too hard to handle in regular gardens and on the smaller allotments of cities of today.

Jan Irredels journey to create the best Bougainvillea possible has been meticulous. Her knowledge and experience of the Bougainvillea family is extensive from her time living in the tropics, particularly Papua New Guinea for many years.

Once collection and selection of ‘favoured parents’ was done she set about growing and evolving the new breed of bougainvilleas. This took her through the 1980’s growing varieties in her own home garden...

Mid 1990’s and Jan released her first selections...

Jan was ready! With her well documented book launch, she released the first few of the new plants to the Australian market. Once gardeners saw the results of the new varieties in their gardens the Bambino Bougs story was off and running. Since then, Jan has released many new varieties and the new ground huggers that are set to be extremely popular.

Information on the Bambino® and Babybino® range can be found at: Western Australian Growers -
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