There’s something wonderful about picking fresh produce from your own yard to make a healthy and flavoursome meal. But how do you turn your garden into a thriving fruit and veggie patch?

Visit the Kleenheat Outdoor Kitchen at the Perth Garden Festival to join gardening experts from All the Dirt Podcast and chefs for ‘Street Food Theatre’ cooking demonstrations featuring loads of home-grown recipes, samples and prizes across four days.


Garden Presenters

Deryn Thorpe

Presenter Deryn Thorpe is a fanatical Perth gardener and award winning print and radio garden journalist who writes regularly in garden magazines and is passionate about creating beautiful and healthy home gardens. She is a popular public speaker, garden tour guide and comperes food events. With Steve Wood she presents Australia’s most popular gardening and food podcast called All The Dirt.

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Steve Wood

Presenter Steve Wood is an Australian horticultural talk back radio and gardening TV presenter, with more than 40 years’ experience in wholesale nursery production. He has a special interest in showing people how easy it is to grow food at home. He is a popular speaker at gardening events and presents a weekly gardening, food and sustainability podcast with Deryn Thorpe called All The Dirt.

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Chef Presenters

Vince Garreffa

Celebrity butcher Vince Garreffa, known as ‘The Prince of Flesh’, is larger-than-life personality with 50 years of experience in the meat industry and a varied and active media presence.

Through his 26 years on radio, television appearances and cooking programs, weekly recipes for The West Australian newspaper, workshops and cooking demonstrations Vince has enthusiastically shared his knowledge about meat to a keen public.

His close association with the hospitality industry has resulted in friendships with elite chefs in Australia and overseas.

Vince’s motto is: ‘For the Professional, the Passionate and the Hungry’ and he cooks like he lives his life, with humour, passion and energy.

In 2017 Vince published a crowd-funded recipe book called “The Flesh in my Life” to celebrate his Calabrian heritage, his arrival from Italy to Western Australia as a five-year-old in the 1950s and the experiences that shaped his life.

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Guy Jeffreys

Guy was named 2017 West Australian good food guide chef of the year, with the Millbrook restaurant he works at placing number two in the state’s top 50.

He’s been head chef at Millbrook Winery for the last 8 years, growing vegetables from seeds that have been saved saved from the previous year’s crop, cultivating the true paddock-to-plate philosophy.

His seasonal menu makes the most of more than 100 varieties of home grown heirloom vegetables that he, and the restaurant’s chefs, tend in the winery’s garden.

In 2017 all the fruit and vegetables served at the restaurant came straight from that garden and the most is made of every leaf and root, picked fresh each morning and served at lunch. The team creates 400 lunches each week.

“Like nose to tail with animals, we do root to shoot with the vegetables,” he says.

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Anna Gare

Anna Gare is bubbly and entertaining and one of the most popular chefs on Australian television.

She presented two of the highest rating TV programs on Channel Nine (Great Australian Bake Off) and Channel 10 (Junior Masterchef) and her role of Judge on Junior Masterchef garnered her a Logie nomination and a legion of new fans across Australia.

Prior to her work on Junior Masterchef, Anna had completed “Quickies in My Kitchen” an 8 part series for the Lifestyle Food Channel.

Anna’s journey on the Australian TV started with her acclaimed role on the top rating show “The Best in Australia”, in which she cooked alongside celebrity chefs Ben O’Donoghue and Darren Simpson. This program became the top rating show on Lifestyle Food and has also aired on ABCTV.

Anna has enjoyed many adventures along the way, including cooking for Queen Elizabeth and as a member of the internationally acclaimed all-girl rock band the “Jam Tarts” in the 1980s and 1990s.

She has written several cookbooks, her latest is ‘Delicious Every Day’ published by Murdoch Books. Anna also has her own range of dishes and serving ware made by homewares supplier Albi.

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