Bring your budding gardening questions to the Richgro Garden Stage and have WA’s Horticulture Media Association experts help you turn that brown thumb green again!

With professional knowledge in Australian natives, home veggie patches and growing plants from cutting there really is a seminar for everyone’s home garden needs.

Presenters such as Sue McDougall from 6PR’s Garden Talk and Sabrina Hahn from ABC Gardening will be sharing their own green thumb advice on the Garden Stage daily.

Visit your favourite gardening personalities on the Richgro Garden Stage every day from 10am with prizes and giveaways happening daily.



Thursday 11th

  • Andrea Whitely


    Garden consultant, writer: \"Creative containers -The only 3 words you need to know”

  • Jackie Hooper


    Horticulturalist/Australian plant specialist: “Growing Australian plants in pots”

  • Lisa Passmore


    Horticulturalist/permaculturalist/landscape designer: “Make your own vegetable wicking beds and grow crops with minimal water”

  • Bob Hunter


    Chairperson of the Cactus and Succulent Society of WA: “Unusual succulents and how to grow them”

  • Linda Mitchener


    Horticulturalist: \"Why organic soil improvers and minerals will make your garden thrive.”

  • Ben Klenner


    Podcaster: “Probiotic Gardening – How to ensure naturally healthy plants”

  • Ross Hooper


    Horticulturalist/Australian plant specialist: “Pruning Australian native plants”

  • Panel: John Colwill, Ross Hooper, Fiona Blackham


  • Steve Wood


    Garden podcaster/broadcaster: “Growing vegetables at home”

Friday 12th

  • Neville Passmore


    Horticulturalist/garden expert, “Aquaponics: growing edible fish and vegetables”

  • Graeme Ferguson


    Turf grower: “Lawn: choose the best varieties and tips to keep it thriving”

  • Chris Ferreira


    Sustainability expert: “Make your house and garden more sustainable”

  • Fiona Blackham


    Permaculture consultant: “Growing food sustainably”

  • Craig Woodroffe


    Horticulturalist/tree grower: “Best trees for Perth gardens”

  • Mark Tucek


    Horticulturalist/plant wholesaler and Marissa Verma: “Tucker Bush – edible Australian garden plants”

  • Panel: John Colwill, Deryn Thorpe, Mark Tucek


  • Deryn Thorpe


    Garden podcaster/garden writer: “Propagation: creating plants from cuttings and divisions”

Saturday 13th

  • Sue McDougall


    Television presenter/broadcaster: “Propagation – creating plants from cuttings and divisions”

  • Con Paino & Eva Ricci


    Turf specialists: “Lawn: choose the best varieties and tips to keep it thriving”

  • Sabrina Hahn


    Broadcaster/garden writer: “The importance of gardens in saving biodiversity in cities”

  • Faye Arcaro


    Gardening broadcaster: “Creating your own living sanctuary”

  • Charlie Albone


    Landscape designer and television presenter:

  • Claire Greenhill


    Landscape architect/indoor plant consultant: “Creating a green sanctuary with indoor plants”

  • Josh Byrne


    Garden television presenter: “Productive projects from Josh’s house”

  • Colin Barlow


    Media presenter/garden designer: “Perfect potted plants for indoors\"

  • Panel: John Colwill, Bob Melville and Colin Barlow


  • Bob Melville


    Rose specialist: “Best rose varieties for your garden”

  • Peg Davies


    Waste educator: “Living sustainably by recycling, composting and keeping worms”

Sunday 14th

  • Leesa Caldwell


    Naturopath: ‘Growing herbs for food and medicine’

  • Rohan Carboon


    Bushfire safety consultant: “Garden design in bushfire prone areas”

  • Sabrina Hahn


    “Gardening for change: New practices for ethics”

  • Darren Seinor


    Landscaper/television presenter: “Great plants make great gardens”

  • Mitch McDonnell


    Indoor plant enthusiast, “Tips to make you indoor plant thrive.”

  • Daniel Varischetti


    Horticulturalist/tropical plant retailer: “Create a tropical oasis: Palms, cycads, gingers and bamboo”

  • John Colwill


    Plantsman/media presenter: \"Some like them hot - the world of chillies\"

  • Mark Tucek


    Horticulturalist/plant wholesaler: ““Water Plants. Cool plants for every garden”

  • Panel: John Colwill, Mark Tucek, Peg Davies & Nick Bell


  • Peg Davies


    Waste educator: \"Living sustainably: Recycling, composting and keeping worms”

2019 Presenters

Andrea Whitely

Bob Melville

Bob Hunter

Ben Klenner

Chris Ferreira

Colin Barlow

Darren Seinor

Deryn Thorpe

Fiona Blackham

Jackie Hooper

John Colwill

Josh Byrne

Linda Mitchener

Lisa Passmore

Mark Tucek

Craig Woodroffe

Neville Passmore

Con Paino

Peg Davies

Ross Hooper

Eva Ricci

Claire Greenhill

Leesa Caldwell

Sabrina Hahn

Steve Wood

Sue McDougall

Sam Beckford

Graeme Ferguson

Rohan Carboon

Mitch McDonnell

Daniel Varischetti

Charlie Albone